Powerhouse Pepper is a fictional, comic-book humor character who appeared in comics published in the 1940s by Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel Comics. A somewhat dim-witted but decent boxer with superhuman strength who appeared in slapstick adventures, he was created and produced exclusively by cartoonist Basil Wolverton, and first appeared in the humor omnibus Joker Comics #1 (April 1942).
Powerhouse Pepper appeared in six- to eight-page stories in Timely Comics' Joker Comics #1-27, 29-31 (April 1942 - May 1947, Fall 1947 - Spring 1948); Gay Comics #1, 18-22, 28-29 (March 1944, Fall 1944 - Winter 1945, Aug.-Nov. 1947); Tessie the Typist #2, 4, 7-13 (Winter 1944, Fall 1945, Fall 1946 - Dec. 1947); Rusty #14 (Aug. 1947); and Millie the Model #9 (Dec. 1947), as well as in his own series.
A single issue of that solo title appeared as Powerhouse Pepper Comics #1 (Jan. 1943), featuring a slightly different character design than elsewhere. The series then went dormant for five years while the character's adventures were published in the aforementioned titles. It was revived, slightly shortened to Powerhouse Pepper, for four additional issues (#2-5, Spring - Nov. 1948). Backup features there included the humor characters Goofy Giggles, L'il Louie, Squeeky, and (in issue #2) Wolverton's detective Disk-Eyes the Dick.