Moon Mullins, by Frank Willard, ran as a daily and Sunday comic strip from 1923 to 1991. On Willard's death in 1958, the Chicago Tribune / New York Daily News Syndicate, which owns the rights to the strip, hired his longtime assistant Ferd Johnson to continue the comic. Johnson had been hired by Willard a few months after the strip began in 1923. Johnson continued on the strip through 1990, with the help of Tom Johnson from 1978 to the end of the strip.
Moon, with his big eyes and derby hat, got into endless scrapes, none of them fatal or even particularly threatening. Indeed, the gentleness of the humor behind the rough scenes kept the strip on an even keel. Moon's little brother, Kayo, slept in a dresser drawer and was, at heart, a good deal more of the ruffian than was Moon. The rest of the characters in the boarding house, Lord and Lady Plushbottom, Mamie and Willie Mullins, were, after Johnson took over, augmented with Professor Burrd and his daughter Myna, Ms. Swivel, Joke, the cab driver, Mr. Doodle the artist, and others.