The Far Side was a popular one-panel syndicated comic created by Gary Larson. Its surrealistic humor is often based on uncomfortable social situations, improbable events, an anthropomorphic view of the world, logical fallacies, impending bizarre disasters, or the search for meaning in life. The strip ran from January 1, 1980, to January 1, 1995, when it was retired (there were a few sabbaticals and vacations along the way). Reruns are still printed in many newspapers.
Around the world, The Far Side is perhaps better known for the compilation books and merchandise (especially calendars, T-shirts and mugs) than it is for its original incarnation as a daily newspaper feature.
Most Far Side cartoons are single rectangular panel, occasionally split into small sections of four, six or eight for the purposes of a storyline, with the caption or dialogue usually appearing under the panel as typed text, although sometimes word balloons were utilized for conversations. Sunday comics were done in water color or colored pencils, with captions hand written in Larson's own cursive.
Most of Larson's comics relied on some combination of a visual and verbal gag, rather than just one or the other.
Larson was recognized for his work on the strip with the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for 1985 and 1988, and their Reuben Award for 1990 and 1994.

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