Super Mario World (also sometimes referred to unofficially as The Super Mario World Show and originally known as Captain N and the New Super Mario World when it was originally aired with the last 7 episodes of Captain N) was the last of the three American Mario cartoons. The show was based largely on the Super Nintendo game of the same name, but with small yet noticeable changes.

The show takes place on Dinosaur Land (called "Dinosaur World" in the series), and features the then-new character Yoshi, as well as a preadolescent caveman named Oogtar (who did not appear in the games). This time, Toad was not in the cast, as he was not in the game itself. Unlike in the game, Yoshi's Island was populated with cavemen (who were the comic relief of the show) instead of Yoshis, and many of the locations had different names. For example, the Forest of Illusion was called the Enchanted Forest while the Vanilla Dome was refered to as the Lava Pits [1]. Also, enemies featured in the game were rarely called by their in-game names on the show, but rather by whichever real-life creatures they resembled. Also in the show were minor aspects that were never shown in the game, such as Yoshi's aquaphobia (although tropical Yoshis could not survive in water on the later game Super Mario Sunshine). Also, in this show, as in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario and Luigi still used their red and green overalls, respectively, with a blue shirt when Nintendo already started depicting them with blue overalls.

Another noticeable difference is that it was animated by a different animation studio, Pacific Rim Productions, Inc, hence the difference in character designs, not only for Princess Toadstool (the most obvious), but also for Mario and Luigi. An intro animated by the Japanese was also conceived for the series (due to the better resources and production values, it was better than the show's actual western animation) Like the third season of "Captain N: The Game Master," (which aired the same year), the animation and writing quality suffered, perhaps due to a smaller budget. The theme song was written by Mark Mothersbaugh, who also wrote the Rugrats theme music, which coincidentally, premiered in the same month and year.

It was the only Mario cartoon to air on Network Ten in Australia. This was on Cheez TV from Monday to Wednesday. In the UK and Australia, "King Scoopa Koopa" was aired before "The Night Before Cave Christmas" as when it was aired in Australia, it followed the Captain N production order and the UK followed the original production order.

All the episodes are currently available on DVD in Australia. However, except for part of a Christmas videotape released in 1996, it has never had any NTSC home video releases (thus far). All of the episodes except The Night Before Cave Christmas and A Little Learning have been released on VHS in the UK. At first, the chances of a DVD release of Super Mario World were slim, due to copyrights on Yoshi's character. But, it has been announced that both Super Mario World and the final season of Captain N will be released on DVD within the year.



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