Heavy Liquid/100% by Paul Pope
Paul Pope's art is unlike anything else in "comics". It feels like you've been awake until dawn, like dancing, like kissing someone before you know their name. Liquid is about a young man addicted to a dark substance that circulates the black market; it came from a meteor and gives the user a trip greater than any drug made by man. But the story is less about the intrigues of criminals and users as it is about lost love and addiction. 100% is less frenetic than Heavy Liquid, but it explores the same themes in a more direct fashion, through six characters finding love and making art. Pope's art brings future New York to life in hallucinatory washed-out strokes, but it seems so real that you can almost smell the rot coming out of the sidewalk grates. When I go up on my roof some nights, I can see Pope's city growing and his characters being born