Miracleman by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, et al.
How does Miracleman end? It is a question that has haunted me for years, ever since I finished the final existing issue of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's epic collaboration. It's the story of three real-life superheroes, each genetically enhanced by the government during WWII drug experiments. When one uses his powers to single-handedly destroy the world, the other two use theirs to rebuild it into a utopia, with themselves as rulers. The later, Gaiman-penned issues of Miracleman focus on individual lives inside this objectively perfect society. There are seeds of unrest, but only seeds — yet one has the impression that something is about to go horribly wrong. For a perfectionist, this is torture: given a glimpse at the perfect world we all struggle to achieve, knowing something is not quite right and then — what? What? How does it end? I'll probably never know (the Miracleman character has been tied up in a lawsuit for years), but I still love the series — maybe even more so for its non-ending, with all of the tantalizing possibilities frozen in time.