Not Brand Echh was a satiric comic-book series from Marvel Comics that parodied its own superhero stories as well as those of other comics publishers. Running 13 issues (Aug. 1967 to May 1969), it included among its contributors such notable writers and artists as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Bill Everett, John and Marie Severin, and Roy Thomas. With issue #9, it became a 25¢ "giant", relative to the typical 12¢ comics of the times. Its mascot, Forbush Man, introduced in the first issue, was a superhero wannabe with no superpowers and a costume comprised of red long johns emblazoned with the letter F and a cooking pot, with eye-holes, covering his never-revealed head. His secret identity was eventually revealed in issue #5 (Dec. 1967) as Irving Forbush, Marvel's fictitious office gofer. The name was a play on an advertising convention of the time, in which a competitor's product was not referred to by name but simply as "Brand X"; DC was sometimes playfully called "Brand Echh" in Marvel "Bullpen Bulletins" and letters pages, hence this comic was "Not Brand Echh". The official title in its postal indicia was Brand Echh for its first four issues, and afterward Not Brand Echh, the cover title from the start.