Fans of the original E. C. Comics series of comic books may be thrown off by the photograph on the cover of this Tales from the Crypt history, thinking that it deals only with the television show. Well, you're in for a frightfully good surprise, because more than half of the book centers on the comics series itself. There are four special sections of this book, each of which is worth the price of the whole book: there are biographies of 13 artists from the E. C. stable; glossy, full-color covers for all 105 E. C. horror comics; 4 beautifully reproduced, complete tales in their original form (on creamy white paper stock); and a never-before-seen "Picto-Fiction" story from E. C.'s heyday, illustrated by Jack Davis. All of this and more has been lovingly put together by literary correspondent and columnist, Digby Diehl.