September 14th, 1968.
Mankind was racing towards the goal of landing
a man on the moon. But that Saturday morning, kids
everywhere enthralled themselves with an additional
race, an animated race, it was...

The Wacky Races was a huge success when it hit the
airwaves. Produced by Hanna-Barbera, it spawned
two spin-offs the following year, and a flood of
merchandise hit toy shelves, cereal boxes, and
hobby shops nation-wide.

The plot was simple: 11 outlandish characters
raced each other around the globe to become
"The Worlds Wackiest Racer", but one of the lot,
the evil Dick Dastardly, with his sometimes
faithful companion, Muttley, would go to any length
to win the race by cheating with the most ridiculous
schemes imaginable.

He of course, never won.

The show was inspired by the 1966 Blake Edwards film,
"The Great Race", starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon,
and Natalie Wood.

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