The majority of Superjail! is set inside the titular prison. Externally, Superjail is built inside a volcano which is itself located in a larger volcano. Internally, it seems to constitute its own reality, where the fabric of time and space is extremely fluid and changes at the whim of the Warden, but generally the episode begins with a linear story and builds up to a violent psychedelic splendor. Superjail's inmate population is stated by Jared to be in excess of 70,000, although the show's creators mention that the jail processes "billions of inmates".[5] Each episode follows a similar pattern. The criminal Jacknife is brought to Superjail by Jailbot. During this time, or occasionally as a result of his arrival, one event or another will inspire the Warden to carry out some sort of crazy scheme, with which the Twins almost always interfere. The combination of these two factors inevitably leads to a spectacular psychedelic bloodbath when the prisoners are driven to violence. Many prisoners end up dying as a result, often in humorously horrific ways, while Jacknife escapes in the confusion only to be caught again in the intro to the next episode.



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