"Based directly on the popular live-action television series The Dukes of Hazzard, this Saturday morning cartoon featured the Duke cousins in an automobile race around the world against Boss Hogg, in a duel over the ownership of Duke farm.

The first season fell during the period of the live-action show's infamous replacement of the regular Duke boys with "clones", Coy and Vance Duke, after the actors playing Bo and Luke walked out over a dispute about royalties owed to them. Thus, the first season of this animated series featured Coy and Vance. By the time of the second series, Bo and Luke had returned to the live-action version, and so also replaced Coy and Vance in the animated series.

The series followed no particular logical geographic path; for instance, consecutive episodes feature appearances in Venice, Morocco, London, Greece, India, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, and Scotland. Some time between Hong Kong and Scotland, Coy and Vance were replaced by Bo and Luke. This contradicts the live-action series, which had this swap occur in Hazzard County."

Sorry for the big file size...this is my first attempt at a DVDRip (Using DVDShrink and AutoGordianKnot). The source material is taken from a gray market bootleg DVD, whose transfers seem to have been taken from VHS rips of network broadcast feeds of the series, hence the title cards reading "PLACE COMMERCIAL HERE"...LOL!
I'm assuming somewhere out there in the past a dub house or tv station was cleaning out their masters and some lucky fool ran across this obscure 1980s animated gem. I'm going to attempt posting all 20 episodes of the show once I get this DVDRip thing mastered....

ep. 01- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X1V7PK43