Anderson Burr Pictures
52 minute pilot episode scripted by Tony Barwick
Produced by Gerry Anderson
Associate Producer: Bob Bell

After 15 years as a New York policeman, Lieutenant Chuck Brogan is appointed to command Space Police precinct 44 East, based aboard a space station orbiting the planet ZarXL5. The crew comprised himself, policewoman Cathy Costello (Catherine Chevalier) and a trio of cat-like aliens known as Tom, Dick and Harry, working for an intergalactic police corps fighting organised crime.

Part live action, part puppetry, this was clearly a forerunner of Space Precinct. In order to be able to travel to the surface of the planet, Cathy had to transform her face into 'Siliconide' - which made her easier to 'puppetise'. The series was never made due to the untimely death of Jim Henson, who had shown an interest in it, and the subsequent lack of backing as the company changed ownership.


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