February 2008 Unethical Websites


cheating, lying and misrepresentation websites on the web are revolting
enough, but the posturing of their creators give them a yucky frosting
of smirking insincerity that makes them doubly revolting. For example,
Mark Marquisi, the genius behind the new fake doctor note-generating web
site that was launched this month, says his site is “for entertainment
only.” Yeah, when I'm in need of a chuckle, there's nothing like a phony
doctor’s note. “I simply saw a demand on the internet and created a
product to fulfill that demand. My products are for entertainment use
only, but if someone chooses to use them in other ways, that is their
decision. I do not encourage illegal use of my products,” Marquisi
states, winking away.

Of course, his site is explicitly designed
to provide realistic notes to fraudulently excuse people from jobs,
school or other responsibilities. In addition to doctor’s notes, the
site also is a source for high quality letters summoning the addressed
party for jury duty, and funeral pamphlets advertising services for a
phony dead relative. All for just $14.95. Are you laughing yet?

is laughing all the way to the bank, with about 500 visits a day, more
on Monday. “Mondays are usually the highest selling days — people are
usually overwhelmed at the beginning of the week," he says. People need a
little more “entertainment” on Mondays, do they? Right.

in the interest of full disclosure, the site should note the recent
case of Joseph Winstead, a postal worker who was found guilty of mail
fraud for using false documents to fool his employers into thinking he
was on jury duty. He did this “for entertainment only,” of course. He
also did it for 144 days. Now he's an ex-postal worker, and owes $39,000

in back salary.

That’s entertainment!