Starting in 1959 Topps released 3 similar sets of monster themed humor cards.

Although none of the 3 sets were "officially" named "You'll Die Laughing" they have been lovingly called this by fans since the first set. This is due to the "You'll Die Laughing" titled jokes that were printed on the backs of the cards. The name stuck so much that even PSA grades these under that name.

The first set released in 1959 was called "Funny Monsters" and had 66 cards. Each card had colorful drawings depicting a wide assortment of monsters with various gag lines beneath them. The set features Jack Davis illustrations whose artwork is well known from E.C. comics, MAD magazine and countless advertisements. The cards where at time still considered to be a bit "controversial" due to such "monster & horror" content. This was no doubt a product of the cards being issued only a few short years after the whole witch hunt on such material started by the McCarthy Hearings.

The second set released in 1973 was called "Creature Feature" and had 128 cards. These where released in 2 parts. First 1-64 then 65-128. This set featured various stills & behind the scenes shots of Universal Horror creatures with gag line beneath them.

The third set released in 1980 was also called "Creature Feature" and had 80 cards & 22 stickers. It was a bit of a recycled issue featuring many of the older photos from set 2 except with colored frames added & some of the jokes updated. The stickers were broken into 9 full color monster posters & 13 psychedelic colored monster faces.

Here are the first 2 sets:
(Set 1 is fronts only & set 2 has both fronts and backs)



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